Thursday, October 8, 2015

Garbage Pail Kids 30th anniversary cards from Topps

On my way out of a local dollar store I stumbled across this!
30th anniversary series Garbage Pail Kids cards!

They come only four to a pack but for only $1 it's a great deal.

On the back of each card/sticker (yes they still double as stickers!) you will find a bit of info on the picture. this is the back of Trekkie Travis. My favorite from this pack. 

 Here is Trekkie Travis! This is a GPK as reimagined by superstar artist Miran Kim!

And here is Ghastley Ashley. Here you can see moreof the picture over the original because it's zoomed out wich reveals her body. 

 Ben (oinion) Beagle loves onions! I love this one. It's based on a vintage unused GPK spin-off concept called Garbage Pail Pets that was never completed. until now!

 Finally here's Beatle Bill! This cutting room floor card (and don't forget STICKER!) features an unused vintage concept from the 80's newly painted by original GPK artist Tom Bunk!

I'm blown away by how awesome these are even when compared to the originals. I will certainly be picking up more of these packs. Definitely worth the single dollar I dropped for them. Can't wait to see what I get next!

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