Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 342 - Thumbs Down - 12/8/2015

Today's Thing-a-Day is about people judging me!

I am a person who tries to make things.

I make them for my own enjoyment and to, hopefully, entertain other people.

Most of the time people take very little notice.

Sometimes people like what I do and share it and give it a thumbs up on youtube and comment on it.

Once in a while people are not so nice.

These times people can do something small like give it a thumbs down.

Other times they leave a comment that makes my day a little worse.

Here are all of the videos on my main youtube page that have more thumbs down than thumbs up!

That's it!

There are lots more that have an equal number of thumbs up and thumbs down and even more that have almost as many thumbs down as thumbs up.

I have to admit each thumbs down hurts a little. Not a lot, but enough to make me wonder why someone would go to the trouble of giving it a thumbs down instead of just moving on to another video without wasting a click.

Even my most popular video has one thumbs down.

I shouldn't let it get to me. I probably shouldn't even look at whether any of my videos have a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but...

Oh well... at least I get thumbs up sometimes.

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