Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year, New Planner! (clutter culture)

I have to say, 2015 was rough.

No, I didn't get horribly sick, or lose a limb, or have anyone I love die.

But there were a lot of little bummers that added up to a rough year.

It seems like a lot of people had a rough 2015.

One of my little bummers was that I started a new job with older prek children than I worked with in 2014. Since I was going to be working with older children, getting paid more, and have more responsibilities in this job I decided to try to become more of an "adult".

Part of this was dressing a bit more professionally than I cared to.

Another part of it was not covering my daily planner calendar thing with stickers like I normally do.

The job only lasted about 6 months. I'm back with toddlers again and feel much better because of it.

But I kept the planner.

I carried it all year. It didn't get any stickers applied to it, but it did get water spilled on it repeatedly when my water bottles leaked all over my messenger bag on several occasions.


I didn't even doodle in this planner as much as I usually do.

I'm glad 2015 is gone.

2016 is almost 10 days in as I write this. So far it hasn't been much better than 2015. Princess Melawesome and I have both been a little sick throughout this first week. A couple days ago I was sicker than I have been in a few years.

But I'm not letting that ruin my optimism!

I still think 2016 could be my year, and your year too!

I even have a new planner!

Work gave it to me!

I was planning on buying a fancy planner (waterproof, if it was available), but I got this for free and I really like the puppy on it.

Plus it already has a "$1" sticker on it!

2016 is My (Our) Year!

Let's cover it with stickers.

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