Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Flaming Homer (nee Moe)! A review!

From the youtubes:

In this video I make and review Homer's drink creation: The Flaming Homer (nee Moe)!

You can see my review of the Flaming Moe Energy Drink here: https://youtu.be/OS4u1Q6qmkg

And read my review of the Flaming Moe bubbly nonalcoholic drink from Universal Studios here: http://www.pondercouch.com/2015/02/days-35-41-7-universal-studios.html

And there's lots more stuff on http://www.pondercouch.com! You should go check it out!

It tasted grape. Medicinal grape.

I found as many of the bottles of alcohol that Homer had as I could, but I'm sure I missed a few.

(click on each picture to see from whence I stole 'em)