Wednesday, September 7, 2016

3 More Bumpers and a couple of Guitprov Songs!

I made 3 more Ponder Couch, Nickelodeon-style Bumpers!

They all use the same video footage, but have different soundtracks!


I also made 2 new Guitprov songs!

From the youtube: I love the band Bracket ( and they have been writing Warren's Songs for years.

They just released what I think might be the "last" Warren's Song which is part 28.

I think that's a shame. So I wrote a part 37 in the hopes that they'll fill in the songs inbetween.

And this one!

From more, other youtubes: "On the Road: By Jack Kero 'Wiggity' uac" is a stream-of-conscience song. I just played whatever my brain and fingers decided to do together. I didn't give it any forethought except that I planned on playing for at least 10 minutes.

Full disclosure: I've never read "On the Road". Should I?

Does my stream-of-conscience, out of tune banging and strumming go with Jack's stream-of-conscience words? Somebody please try to read or sing a section of the book over this "song". I would love to see that.

That's it for today!

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