Thursday, September 1, 2016

New P 'n E Drawing and other Drawings!!!

I saw this on some Pampers wipes at work:

It's a bear and a rabbit and a cloud!

Like Claudius and Dogwood and a Ponder Cloud!

So I drew this:

You can also see this on the Ponder and Enlightening website!

I hadn't done a P 'n E comic since Thanksgiving!

That was far too long.

Before I drew that I did some sketches!

This was the first time I'd drawn the strip version of myself with a beard! I'm wearing a poorly-sketched Ponder Couch shirt! You can get a real one here!

I also drew a weird MisterSeth picture. The name "Monkeys, Monsters, and MisterSeth" is what I will call my professionally-recorded MisterSeth album, if it ever gets recorded.

I also drew a squirrel!

My coteacher told me it looked like Master Splinter before he mutated. I told her that was one of the most wonderfully geeky things I've heard her say. I'm so proud of her.

I should draw more often. I forgot how much I enjoy it.

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