Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hallowe'en Mood Table!

I love that banner!

New Halloween Mood Table!

From youtube:

Dinosaur Dracula makes a Halloween Mood Table every year and a few years ago I started making them too!

This year DD made a video of his mood table. So I did too!

This one is a bit different from previous years. I have more real pumpkins around (that I grew!), I expanded to the coffee table and a chair (for My Pet Monster), and I left out a few things. Some because I wanted to, and some because I couldn't find them this year.

I plan to add to it as I find new things they year!

The video would've been longer, but I ran out of phone digital space.

The songs are:


You can download the songs HERE! Just click any of these words!

I love Hallowe'en!

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