Saturday, January 21, 2017

My 2017 Tiny Desk Contest entry! "How Long Shall I Love You?" a new album! And a Fisher Price Record!

Here is my 2017 Tiny Desk Contest entry!

After I recorded that, I wrote and recorded this song:

So I could finish this album!

It's 14 songs long and comprised of all the songs I wrote and put up on youtube since I released "Rabbit Rabbit" about this time last year.

It's the darkest collection of songs I've ever written. I think that's because of... 2016.

Some of it is pretty good!

At the end of this new album is a song.

This song:

That's right! I turned the riff from my song "A Car Song" (the same song I entered into the Tiny Desk Contest) into a FISHER PRICE MUSIC BOX RECORD PLAYER RECORD!!!!!

I wrote an article a little over a year ago about making one of these. Click here to read it!

I'm proud of this!

It's a very simple song, but I found out how to do it!

Here are the instructions and software I used (created by Fred "fred27" Murphy): click here to learn how to make your own!

Here is the original version of the song:

Share this around with anyone interested!

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