Thursday, February 23, 2017

Simpsons Food Sampled by Sethifus!

I went to Universal Orlando Resort!

Formerly Universal Studios Orlando.

They had real Simpsons food there!

I ate and drank some!

Here are my reviews in order!

1. Krusty Burger

I tried a Krusty Burger and original Duff a couple years ago (read about it here!)

I still stand by what I said. Krusty Burger is awesome. It tastes soooooo good. I love the sauce and the fact that they put a sweet pickle on top. Yum!

2. Krusty Ribwich

The Ribwich was also very, very good! It's not in one big slab like in the cartoon

It was in a lot of little, tasty chunks.

I thought I got more pictures of it, but apparently I did not.

I guess I only took 4 hasty pics so as to not draw too much attention to myself in a public place.

3. Duff Beer!

Man, do I love Duff Beer.

If it was widely available, I'd always have it in my fridge.

It tastes sort of like Samual Adams Boston Lager, but a little different than that.

It's not the best beer, but it is my favorite beer.

4. Duff Lite

This Duff is more how I thought all Duff would taste. Weak and watered-down. Not much flavor, but you could probably drink 10 in one sitting.

I wouldn't buy Duff Lite myself, but I wouldn't turn it down if someone offered it to me.

5. Duff Dry

My-oh-my Duff Dry!

I would buy this frequently, too. Princess Melawesome said it was her favorite of the 3 Duffs. She helped me eat the burger and the ribwich as well!

I'm not sure what other beer to compare it too. It tastes like other "dry" beers I've had. All I can say is that it's really good.

That's it for this set of reviews!

I would love to go back and try some more of the defictionalized foods from downtown Springfield, but that will have to wait until I've paid off this trip.

If you have any requests for deficitionalized product reviews, ideas for "made real" segments, or just want to tell me how handsome I am, please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at

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