Thursday, February 2, 2017

What I want for my birthday!

So I turn 35 on February 24, 2017.

I think that's the first "real adult" birthday.

From here on out I'm an adult, for real.

At least that's what all the forms where I have to fill out an age bracket say.


You know what I want for my birthday this year?

Apart from what I said a couple birthday's ago,  I want you to do 2 things for me:

1. Buy This Shirt!

Or any of the shirts from the Ponder Couch cafe press store.

I picked this one because I like it a lot (there are several different kinds of shirts with this design on it), but I'd feel weird wearing a shirt advertising myself on it.

2. Do something fun wearing the shirt you bought, take a picture of yourself doing it (or a video!), and send it to me with a story about the fun thing you did!

With stuff happening in the world and people feeling grumpy and down-in-the-dumpy I'd like, for my birthday, for you to have some fun.

You don't even have to buy the shirt, just send me a pic, video, and/or story about something fun you're doing for yourself.


here's where to send it:

Make sure to put "Happy Birthday! I did something fun!" in the subject so I know you're not just spam.

Or you could tell me about it on facebook!

You could also buy my newest album!

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