Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fantasy Kickstarter/GoFundMe Campaigns...

I love the idea of crowdfunding.

If I had any confidence that people would fund a Kickstarter of some kind, I'd set it up.

Daily I entertain fantasies about crowdfunding something I'd like to do. Not stuff I actually need to pay for, but for dumb, fun things I'd like to do.

Here are the TOP 5 crowdfunding fantasies I dream about at least 20 times a day.


I have several MisterSeth digital albums available, but they're not the best quality and people don't seem to have much interest in buying them unless I badger or beg them.

I tried to get a teacher creativity grant to make one, but the people in charge of handing those out didn't think I should, I guess.

If I started a crowdfunding campaign for a MisterSeth professionally recorded album... I wouldn't know where to start. I'm not sure how much I should ask for. I know I'd need to include the cost for studio rental, mastering, production, other stuff I don't know yet, and enough money to take time off from work to make the album.

I would offer donor perks like personalized songs, stickers, local concerts, etc.

This can extend to professional sethifus albums or an album of classic jazz standards Frank Sinatra/Michael Buble-style. I'd call it "Lower Your Standards".

2. Expensive Food Reviews!

I recently heard about the world's most expensive taco.

I love tacos and would love to eat this taco!

If I could figure out all the math for travel, hotels, the food itself, etc. I'd pick 5 or so items like this, figure out the goal amount, and gofundme it!

I'd travel to each place, film it, review each item for youtube, etc.

I love travel food shows.

I'd also like to do a show where I travel around to find places that still have Rockafire Explosion animatronic bands.


I wrote about this idea several years ago.

The gist is that I want to swim through coins like Scrooge McDuck.

I know this isn't possible, but I love the idea. I could swim through a ball pit of puffy fake coins though.

If big, puffy, plastic coins don't actually exist, I would have to hire a company to make them.

Donor perks could be things like if you donate $50 I'd send you one of the coins when I was all done with the money vault/ball pit. For $100 maybe a puffy gold bar (I'd have several different kinds of "currency" in the vault. See above pic). For $1000 you could come on over and have a quick dip in the coin ball pit yourself!

I love this idea, but don't know where I'd get a vault or how much it would cost to fill it with enough puffy coins that I could swim in it. I don't even know how much it would cost to have that many puffy coins, gold bricks, etc. made for such a thing.

Maybe if I presented the idea to Disney they'd help... they do have a new Ducktails coming out soon!


I've mentioned my Bucket List a time or two. It would be cool to raise the money to do such things.

Especially hugging the lovable, hug-able, furry Grover.

I'd really like to hug Grover...


This is the ultimate fundraising fantasy.

The general idea is that I would raise enough money to quit my job and never have to get another job.

Instead I would fund all of my creative endeavors.


  • writing: books, plays, short stories. Doesn't matter if they get published by professional outfits or just self publishing. 
  • music: everything listed above and more!
  • comics
  • etc?

That's pretty much it.

But I doubt enough people would want to give me money for such things.

Oh well. I'll just keep dreaming.

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