Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Here is a song I recorded for my album SIP:

I tried to write it as a round, but with 3 different verses.

I'm not sure if that can be a round or not.

Maybe a round has to be the same verse sung several times... staggered.

So I made 3 versions, one for each verse!

And I also made a silly one, because I can.

And I'm a silly one.

I made a playlist of all 5 songs!

And I made an EP of all 5 songs!

It's called "Round and Round and Round"!

You can download it HERE!!!!!!!!! If you like.

That's all for now!

More new music soon, hopefully!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pepsi Fire - a review

I tried Pepsi Fire today


Artists! Make Some Art for Me, Get the SIP Album for Free!

I made the artwork for my new album SIP:

And I think it's good! It represents me in the way I want it to. I, personally, think it looks good on t-shirts and stickers and such...


I have always wanted to be a cartoon character.

So I have always liked it when other people draw me!


Or pencils and pens!


Wacom tablets?

Whatever you use to make art, it's a call to it!

I would like YOU, my artistic friends, to make your own version of a cover for the SIP album!

They'll be like alternate covers for comics!!!

It can resemble this cover, but it doesn't have to!

Use your imagination!

Listen to the album HERE!

(or HERE!)

Or Here! Yep, it's on CDBABY now too!

Let the songs inspire you!

And to help I look like this:

Sometimes... and other times I look like this:

And the shirt I'm wearing in the album cover I drew is this:

I don't actually have that shirt, though...

If you make a new cover for SIP, I'll give you a digital copy of the album for FREE!

Well, free except for the album cover you make for me.

I'll share it on the Ponder Couch and probably other social media and link to your site if you like!

Send your version of the SIP album cover to sethifusp@gmail.com with SIP in the subject somewhere!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Can't Help Myself...

I have new designs, I make shirts and stickers.

My new LP Album Thing "SIP" has this cover:

So I made some stickers and shirts:

That last one is a sticker.

There are other shirts too, you can get them HERE!!!!

I am also now selling genuine 4-leaf clovers!

So I made a little logo thing:

So, of course, I made some shirts and stickers:

And these:

(shot glass)

Why?! Because I can!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Anybody Need Some Luck? (4-leaf clovers for sale)

I'm pretty good at finding Four-Leaf Clovers.

I found all of those one afternoon in a couple patches in my front yard.

I didn't keep any of them.

Recently I started keeping them!

I seal each one in a strip of packaging tape!

I usually find at least one each time I look.

They turn brown fairly quickly, but they are all real four-leaf clovers!

This is one I found over eight years ago!

It's been in my wallet ever since.

It still looks pretty great!

If you would like a four-leaf clover (or two or 10) send me an e-mail at sethifusp@gmail.com!

Make sure to write something like "four-leaf clover" "I need luck!" or something like that, otherwise I might not open it.

I will charge $5 for each four-leaf clover! There will be a short note from me with the preserved four-leaf clover in an envelope. All sent to you wherever you are!

You can pay me more if you like, I might add a drawing to the note or something like that.

Here's my new "business" logo!

Again, write to sethifusp@gmail.com if you want one! I'll write back with instructions and send the clover to you asap!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Big Lots! has Hydrox! - a taste test and review

Here's a review of the other 3 things:

* Party Jaffa Cakes - wonderful. Jaffa Cakes are one of the best things to eat.

* Dieffenbach's Coney Island Hot Dog Chips - These taste, to me, just like a hot dog! If they made a hot dog that tasted like potato chips you could eat the strangest, most interesting meal I can think of at the moment.

* Zapp's Potato Chips: New Orleans Kettle Style Voodoo chips - These are really good! To me they taste like Ruffles All Dressed Chips and the Whole Shebang Chips. Tangy, a bit smokey, and muddled in a good way.

Not bad for under $10 (with a full-priced bottle of soda)...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SIP - a new 14 Track album by sethifus!

I finally did it!

I finished my new album!

I think it turned out pretty great!

It's odd, I'm odd...

I hope you love it, buy it, and convince all of your friends, loved ones, and hated ones to buy it too!

Lord knows I could use the money...

(and the ego boost).

I made a youtube playlist of all the songs:

I'll probably make some shirts and stickers of it too.

I put the most work into this album of any I've made so far. And I've made 7 other sethifus albums and at least 2 full MisterSeth albums!

Please, share this with anybody you think *might* be interested in it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A new Song Medium I Wanna Try!

Awhile back I wrote about some song mediums I would like to try!

And then a little less awhile back I made one!

I still haven't gotten to record on a wire or an Edison cylinder...

I found out through Geekologie that there is a new song medium I would like to try!

A tattoo!!!

Through the Skin Motion company you can get sound waves tattooed onto you that you can play back with an app!

Anybody want to hire me to write the sound waves for your new tattoo?

It can be up to a minute.

Anybody? Please?

I wanna do this so bad!

But not on myself... that seems... too narcissistic. Even for me.

If you actually do want me to write a short song for you to tattoo onto yourself forever, send me a request at sethifusp@gmail.com

Juicy Juice = Ecto Cooler?!

I did a new taste test.

To see if Juicy Juice Orange Tangerine really tastes like Ecto Cooler, watch the video!

It's pretty close! Try it to see for yourself.

I still miss the real Ecto Cooler though.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Two food songs!

First, an instrumental song about my favorite food!

And two, a song about baking bread! And love!

I wrote and recorded "Sourdough" on my acoustic guitbass.

Like they play in the Presidents of the United States of America and Morphine!

It's hard to play that fast.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A melancholy love song

Most of my favorite love songs are a bit melancholy.

Here's a melancholy love song I just wrote:

It's okay to be sad sometimes.

Even when you're happy.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

3 New Songs! Pumpkins, Hearts, and Giggle Loops!

I need to post things I make right after I make 'em.


Pumpkin seeds are sprouting! Soon they'll be vining! And then... HALLOWEEN!!!

A love song. About my wife. Because they all are. Even if the people in the song aren't actually me or my wife.

A song inspired by the BBC comedy "Coupling".

I wrote this a long time ago, but have only just now recorded it, finally.

Please to enjoy all 3 from them!





Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pumpkins 2017 Update!

The pumpkin seeds are starting to sprout!

Soon they will vine everywhere.


And then flowers.

And then...

And then....

I love this whole damn thing.