Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A new Song Medium I Wanna Try!

Awhile back I wrote about some song mediums I would like to try!

And then a little less awhile back I made one!

I still haven't gotten to record on a wire or an Edison cylinder...

I found out through Geekologie that there is a new song medium I would like to try!

A tattoo!!!

Through the Skin Motion company you can get sound waves tattooed onto you that you can play back with an app!

Anybody want to hire me to write the sound waves for your new tattoo?

It can be up to a minute.

Anybody? Please?

I wanna do this so bad!

But not on myself... that seems... too narcissistic. Even for me.

If you actually do want me to write a short song for you to tattoo onto yourself forever, send me a request at sethifusp@gmail.com

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