Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Anybody Need Some Luck? (4-leaf clovers for sale)

I'm pretty good at finding Four-Leaf Clovers.

I found all of those one afternoon in a couple patches in my front yard.

I didn't keep any of them.

Recently I started keeping them!

I seal each one in a strip of packaging tape!

I usually find at least one each time I look.

They turn brown fairly quickly, but they are all real four-leaf clovers!

This is one I found over eight years ago!

It's been in my wallet ever since.

It still looks pretty great!

If you would like a four-leaf clover (or two or 10) send me an e-mail at!

Make sure to write something like "four-leaf clover" "I need luck!" or something like that, otherwise I might not open it.

I will charge $5 for each four-leaf clover! There will be a short note from me with the preserved four-leaf clover in an envelope. All sent to you wherever you are!

You can pay me more if you like, I might add a drawing to the note or something like that.

Here's my new "business" logo!

Again, write to if you want one! I'll write back with instructions and send the clover to you asap!

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