Sunday, June 18, 2017

Catching up!

I've been making stuff.

Here's some of it that I haven't put on the Ponder Couch until just now!

SMILE!!!!  a song written to score the flashing of this bouncy ball.

I did my best imitation of a hardcore metal screamo song I could.

I should probably never do that again.

ZIMA taste test and review!

An instrumental about rain!

I used 2 songs in it from my youtube channel afewquietminutes!

VIDEO 1: Frisbee in the Rain

VIDEO 2: Rain Spout

New MisterSeth song!

It's about a Little Birdie in a Hardware Store!

I worked hard on this stuff. If you can watch each of them and share them in various ways, that'd make me feel pretty great.

I also made the cover for the new album I'm working on!

But you have to wait to see it until the album is done!

Unless you ask really nicely.

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