Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rejected by the New Yorker! Volume 7...

I sent a couple comics to the New Yorker a looooong time ago.

They finally got back to me today!

I got rejected again...

Whelp, here are the 2 newest rejections...

I'll get one in one of these days!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Playing Catsup!

I've been making stuff! 😀

And not posting it here! 😟

Here it is!

A song I wrote as I recorded it!

It's... you can tell.

But it's going to be on my new album anyway!

I've started working on another album (besides the one I mentioned a sentence ago)! This one is going to be all instrumentals over soothing background sounds!

The video above is one of those songs.

And here's another!

A couple of the songs from my post about Instrumentals will be on it too!

I finished the second of the 3 albums I've been working on! (neither of the other two albums I mentioned).

This one is all music box songs made with the software to create 3D printed records for the Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player!

Since I can't get the 3D printing software to communicate with the song-writing software, this is what will be available for now!

The video above is the full album!

You can download the full album or any of the songs you like by clicking HERE!

That's all of the stuff I made that I can show you, until the first album I mentioned is finished...

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pumpkin Update! 7/15/17

I've grown my own pumpkins for the last 3 years, and this year's first is almost ready to be cut from the vine! I am growing 3 types this year. 

1. The giant kind you see at the fair. When I see the ribbon-winning pumpkins at the fair, my Halloween season officially starts! None of mine are growing on the vines yet, but it is getting flowers and I see bees out there every day.

 2. Mini pumpkins! These I think are technically not pumpkins, but they look just like them! A mini pumpkin is the first one that is almost ready to be picked! 

(hand in shot for size reference)

There is a 2nd mini pumpkin about the size of a grape tomato! 

3. Regular-sized jack-o-lantern pumpkins! These are the pumpkins I've grown every year! I planted seeds I saved from last year's crop. There are two pumpkins about the size of promotional mini basketballs or a decorative foam skulls from Michael's. They're still as green as watermelons, so they'll be much bigger by the time they're ready to be picked!

I am so excited for Halloween season this year!

Here are all 5 of my Pumpkin Carols (songs I wrote about pumpkins)!

I hope to someday make 7" records of my Pumpkin Digital 7".

Read more about it here!


Friday, July 14, 2017


I have written a few instrumental songs.

I think they turned out pretty good!

First there was an album of instrumental songs called "Lynn Monologues".

Here's a video playlist:

Then I wrote one and decided it was about Candy Corn.

More recently I've written a couple of instrumental songs with background noises.

First a song about Popcorn!

Then there was a song about Rain!

You can't download it yet, but when my new album comes out you'll be able to get it from my bandcamp page!

I really love how these last 2 songs turned out. I might make a full album of songs like that and call it "Atmospheric" or something like that.

I also made a couple Fisher Price Music Box Record Player-style songs:

I'm working on a full album of these songs. They're fun to make.

The first of those songs is available as an actual, physical record you can play on your Fisher Price Music Box Record Player!  You can buy it here! Unfortunately the software I use to make the songs and the software I use to make the 3D models aren't playing well together anymore. For now, that song is the only one that will be available in my store, until I can get the softwares working together again.

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed listening to those enough to buy some or at least share them or add them to a playlist or something.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

3 New Videos!!!!!

1. A new "Eating Foods Wrong" video!

2. New Ponder Couch Station ID Bumper/Intro!

3. A taste-test/Review of Guinness Chips from Burts Chips/Crisps!

Please watch and share as you see fit!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Two sethifus digital 7"s and a song about guitars!

I wrote a song about guitars used as decorations and how I'd like to take them all home to play.

I also made 2 digital 7" records!

They would be records if I had a bigger following, money, and a label who was interested.

The first is the Pumpkin digital 7"!

Side A: The Pumpkin (album version)

Side B: Jack-o-Lantern (CASIO version)

If a record label decided to start making physical records of this 7" (say Paper + Plastick or Third Man Records, maybe), and I got to do them exactly like I'd want to, I'd put a few real pumpkin seeds from pumpkins I grew inside each record.

I think if they were thoroughly dried out first they would be okay in the middle of vinyl or plastic. For a long while anyway. And if people bought the records soon enough, they might be able to slit the record open (like the Dead Weather's Triple Decker Record), get the seeds out, and plant them to grow their own sethifus-strain pumpkins!

Here's the youtube video playlist version:

The second digital 7" is the Four-Leaf Clover digital 7"!

Side A: Four-Leaf Clover

Side B: I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover That I Overlooked Before

This record would have Four-Leaf Clovers inside of it!

I don't know if the records would bring people luck, but it couldn't hurt!

Here's the youtube video playlist version:

You can find both digital 7"s on my bandcamp page!

They are only $1 each!

Third Man Records, any interest?