Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Playing Catsup!

I've been making stuff! 😀

And not posting it here! 😟

Here it is!

A song I wrote as I recorded it!

It's... you can tell.

But it's going to be on my new album anyway!

I've started working on another album (besides the one I mentioned a sentence ago)! This one is going to be all instrumentals over soothing background sounds!

The video above is one of those songs.

And here's another!

A couple of the songs from my post about Instrumentals will be on it too!

I finished the second of the 3 albums I've been working on! (neither of the other two albums I mentioned).

This one is all music box songs made with the software to create 3D printed records for the Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player!

Since I can't get the 3D printing software to communicate with the song-writing software, this is what will be available for now!

The video above is the full album!

You can download the full album or any of the songs you like by clicking HERE!

That's all of the stuff I made that I can show you, until the first album I mentioned is finished...

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