Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pumpkin Update! 7/15/17

I've grown my own pumpkins for the last 3 years, and this year's first is almost ready to be cut from the vine! I am growing 3 types this year. 

1. The giant kind you see at the fair. When I see the ribbon-winning pumpkins at the fair, my Halloween season officially starts! None of mine are growing on the vines yet, but it is getting flowers and I see bees out there every day.

 2. Mini pumpkins! These I think are technically not pumpkins, but they look just like them! A mini pumpkin is the first one that is almost ready to be picked! 

(hand in shot for size reference)

There is a 2nd mini pumpkin about the size of a grape tomato! 

3. Regular-sized jack-o-lantern pumpkins! These are the pumpkins I've grown every year! I planted seeds I saved from last year's crop. There are two pumpkins about the size of promotional mini basketballs or a decorative foam skulls from Michael's. They're still as green as watermelons, so they'll be much bigger by the time they're ready to be picked!

I am so excited for Halloween season this year!

Here are all 5 of my Pumpkin Carols (songs I wrote about pumpkins)!

I hope to someday make 7" records of my Pumpkin Digital 7".

Read more about it here!


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